Episode 37

Synchronicity, Sasquatch & Mount Shasta Magic

Do you have lot of synchronicities in your relationship? Are you curious if these are good omens or bad? Are you curious what’s the point of all the paranormal madness?

Tune in to the latest episode of Love, Sex and the Hidden Agenda and hear Amelia’s wild paranormal ride of following her inner guidance from deep meditation that guided her from one relationship to the next. You will hear how she met and got energetically trained by the Sasquatch people (yes big foot is real), how her teacher in Mount Fuji aided this unfolding, and how she ended up camping on Mount Shasta for three months straight. Are magical moments destined to bring you to your one true love, or are they merely lessons on your path to mastering your energy and discovering your life purpose? Listen in to find out.

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Love, Sex & The Hidden Agenda
This podcast was created with the sole intention to release toxic shame, illuminate our shadow nature and expose the mysterious entities that feed off our most precious life force - our sexual energy.

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Amelía Aeon Karris

Amelía Aeon Karris, author of Synchronicity, Unlock Your Divine Destiny, mentors truth-seekers and entrepreneurs to ground their unique gifts and find their calling. For the last 25 years, she has been a way-seer and business consultant helping visionaries craft impactful businesses and design artistic lifestyles in alignment with their revolutionary spirit.

Amelía has led over 40 retreats & workshops since 2003. She offers online courses in Self Mastery and excels in mentoring those who've had spiritual awakenings and are ready to ground their expanded worldview and unique abilities into their business or special project.

On her podcast, Love, Sex & the Hidden Agenda Amelía and Satya explore love and the misuse of power on the planet in the hope to shed light on this sticky energy.